ISSN 2306-5001

"Russian Economic Developments" has been published since 1993.


The publication focused on covering issues of macroeconomic and financial condition of the national economy. Analytical materials published in the magazine are devoted to the development of certain areas of the national economy - industry, investment, foreign trade, government budget, monetary policy, banking sector. Materials are prepared by the Institute for Economic Policy. ET Gaidar is the founder of the magazine "Russian Economic Developments".  It also contains statistics of the basic parameters of Russia.

The magazine is interesting with its author's point of view on current economic developments in Russia and is designed for a wide range of readers.


Vedev Alexei LeonidovichDoctor of Sciences(economics), Head of the Center of Structural Research, Institute for Applied Economic Studies, RANEPA


Morgunov Viacheslav IvanovichDoctor of Sciences(economics), leading researcher RANEPA


Executive secretary: I. Dementieva
Editor: I. Karyasova
Typesetting: O. Beloborodova
Printing and publication: N. Glavatskaia
Founders: Gaidar Insitute for Economic Policy Fund

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