Results of the Moscow Transport Complex Development in 2010-2020

Igor A. Soldatenko – Senior State Inspector of the Moscow Chamber of Control; Postgraduate student, Institute of Economics and Finance, Russian University of Transport (Moscow, Russia). E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The development of the Moscow transport complex is of strategic importance for the economic growth of the region and Russia as a whole. State program financing of the capital’s transport makes up one fifth of the Moscow budget, which determines high requirements for the results of using public resources, but often changes in the program document negatively affect the analysis of the evolution of the transport complex.

The main results of the functioning of transport are reflected in 10 indicators of the Moscow Transport Strategy, for each of which a significant improvement was stated over the past decade. The multi-vector development of various types of transport and transport infrastructure led to the strengthening of Moscow’s rating compared to nine other leading megacities of the world – from seventh position in 2010 to second in 2018.

Key words: transport, metro, taxi, car sharing, state program, target indicator, financing of transport development.