GDP Growth Rate in 2015,2016: What Its Decomposition Speaks of. Sergey Drobyshevsky, Maria Kazakova

Inflation and Monetary Policy. Alexandra Bozhechkova

The RF Central Bank’s Course Is to Achieve Medium-run Stability. Evgeny GorunovPavel Trunin

State Budget. Tatyana Tischenko

Real Economy: Factors and Trends. Olga Izryadnova

Investments in Capital Assets. Olga Izryadnova

Foreign Trade. Nadezhda Volovik

Export–Import: a Nearly Simultaneous Drop. Alexander Knobel, Alexander Firanchuk

Russia’s Import Ban on Ukrainian Foods: Magnitude and Implications. Natalia Shagayda

Russian Industry in October 2015. Sergey Tsukhlo

«Import Preservation» in Lieu of Import Substitution. Sergey Tsukhlo

Survey of Current Business. Sergey Aukutsionek, Andrey Yegorov

Commodity Turnover: a Delayed Slump. Georgy Idrisov, Yuri Ponomarev

Banking Sector. Michael Khromov

Financial Markets. Evgeny Gorbatikov, Elizaveta Khudko

Mortgage. Georgy Zadonsky

Migrants Are Losing Interest in Russia. Yulia Florinskaya, Nikita Mkrtchyan

Regional Budgets: Tightening Our BeltsAlexander Deryugin

Regional Social Expenditures: a Country of Contrasts. Natalia Zubasrevich

The North Caucasus: Land Conflicts in the Cities Hinder the Implementation of the Socioeconomic Development Strategy. Konstantin Kazenin


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