Macroeconomic Forecast for 2016–2018. Vladimir Averkiev, Sergey Drobyshevsky, Marina Turuntseva, Michael Khromov

Monetary Policy of the Russian Central Bank: Risks and Limitations. Alexandra Bozhechkova, Anna Kiyutsevskaya, Pavel Trunin

Fixed Capital Investment for Q1 2016. Olga Izryadnova

There Are No Preconditions for the Investment Growth in Russia. Boris Taganov

Russian Exports to the EU. Alexander Knobel, Alexander Firanchuk

Results of the Embargo on the Supply of Agricultural Products from Turkey. Natalia Shagayda

Trade Restrictions Hamper World Trade Growth. Nadezhda Volovik

Brexit and Trade and Economic Relations Between Russia and the UK. Alexander Knobel, Alexander Firanchuk

Brexit Results: Macroeconomic Risks. Evgeny Gorunov, Anna Kiyutsevskaya, Pavel Trunin

Post+Brexit Britain: Its Relations with the EU and Its Future in the Framework of Multilateral Institutions. Marina Larionova, Andrey Sakharov, Andrey Shelepov

Level of Adaptability of Russian Industry for Q2 2016. Sergey Tsukhlo

Survey of Current Business. Sergey Aukutsionek, Andrey Yegorov

Possibility of Incentives for the Oil Sector Development. Yuri Bobylev, Оlesya Rasenko

Review of Legislative Initiatives Regarding Taxation for Q1 2016. Vladimir Gromov

Population’s Social Sentiment for Q2 2016. Elena Avraamova, Dmitry Loginov


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