Federal Budget for 2017–2019. Ilya Sokolov

Russia Balance of Payments in January-September 2016. Alexandra Bozhechkova, Pavel Trunin, Michael Khromov

Specifics of Russian Exports and Imports in January-August 2016. Alexander Knobel, Alexander Firanchuk

Recovery of Imports of Investment Goods. Georgy Idrisov, Andrey Kaukin, Pavel Pavlov

Will Russia Remain the World’s Largest Wheat Exporter? Natalia Shagayda

Issues Regarding EAEU Members’ Participation in the WTO Activity. Knaz Bagdasaryan, Alexander Pakhomov

Russian Industry in September 2016. Sergey Tsukhlo

Summary of Adaptation of Russian Industry in the Q3 2016. Sergey Tsukhlo

Survey of Current Business. Sergey Aukutsionek, Andrey Yegorov

Banking System in January-September 2016. Michael Khromov

Income and Poverty in 2016. Elena Grishina, Aleksandra Burdyak

Population’s Social Sentiment and Risks of Falling Living Standards. Elena Avraamova, Dmitry Loginov

Plans of Reform in the Sphere of Science and Technology, and the Current Tasks. Irina Dezhina

New Government Armaments Program Is Taking Shape. Vasily Zatsepin


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