Russian Inflation Hits 2017 Target Rate. Alexandra Bozhechkova, Anna Kiyutsevskaya, Pavel Trunin

Assessment of the Effect of the Public Sector on Economic Development of the Russian Federation: What Factors Experts Do Not Take into Account. Alexander Abroskin

Is There a Need for Fiscal Devaluation to Spur Economic Growth? Ilya Sokolov

Investment Activity: a Protracted Pause. Olga Berezinskaya

International Turnover of Services in 2016. Alexander Knobel, Alexander Firanchuk

A New Technique of Rosstat and Dynamics of Sectoral Indices of Production in Early 2017. Andrey Kaukin, Eugenia Miller

Optimal Rouble Exchange Rate for Russia’s Industrial Sector. Sergey Tsukhlo

Survey of Current Business. Sergey Aukutsionek, Andrey Yegorov, Inessa Bachirova, Tatyana Serzhantova

Corporate Borrowing in 2014–2016: the Increasing Importance of Bond Market. Michael Khromov, Elizaveta Khudko

Tax Incentives for Investment in Pension Insurance. Eugenia Kadykova

Property Management Policy: the Main Results of the 2014–2016 Privatization Program and Management of Companies with State Participation. Georgy Malginov, Alexander Radygin

Minimum Wage Increase: Pros and Cons. Victor Lyashok

Regional Budgets in Q1 2017. Igor Arlashkin, Alexander Deryugin


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