Macroeconomic Projections for 2017–2019: A Growth of 1.0–1.5. Taisiya Gorshkova, Sergey Drobyshevsky, Marina Turuntseva, Michael Khromov

Balance of Payments in Q2 2017. Alexandra Bozhechkova, Alexander Knobel, Pavel Trunin

Inflation in June 2017: A Sudden Surge with Uncertain Prospects. Alexandra Bozhechkova, Pavel Trunin

German Presidency of G20 and Outcome of G20 Summit in Hamburg. Marina Larionova

Agglomerative Effects in Russian Industry. Vladislav Gordeev, Rustam Magomedov, Tatiana Mikhailova

Level of Adaptability of Russian Industry in Q2 2017. Sergey Tsukhlo

Survey of Current Business. Sergey Aukutsionek, Andrey Yegorov, Inessa Bachirova, Yury Glushko

Population’s Propensity to Save in January-May 2017. Michael Khromov

World Best Practices in Developing Approaches to Financial Literacy Education. Michael Khromov, Elizaveta Khudko

Analysis of the Dynamics of Development and Tax Measures Supporting Micro-enterprises in Russia. Vladimir Gromov

Incomes and the Poverty Rate in H1 2017. Elena Grishina

Demographics: The Number of Births is Declining. Alla Makarentseva

Reasons Why Russia’s Defense Industry Enterprises Lack Development Impetus. Denis Popkov, Vladimir Kotsubinskiy, Svetlana Kotsubinskaya


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