Download № 7/2018

Download references № 7/2018

On Methods for Constructing Confidence Sets for the Break Dates. Anton Skrobotov, Andrey Polbin

Foreign Direct Investments in the Russian Federation in 2017. Yury Zaitsev

Trade Facilitation Between EAEU the and China within the Framework of the Agreement on Trade and Economic Cooperation. Timur Aliev, Tatyana Flegontova

Economic Troubles of Argentina: New Problems or Errors of the Past? Anna Kiyutsevskaya, Pavel Trunin

Industrial Enterprises in Q2 2018. Sergey Tsukhlo

Survey of Current Business (April-July 2018). Sergey Aukutsionek, Andrey Yegorov, Inessa Bachirova, Tatyana Serzhantova

Corporate Borrowings in 2017 and Q1 2018: the Bond Market Keeps Growing. Michael Khromov, Elizaveta Khudko

Proportionality Issues on the Regulation of the Institutions Relevant to Financial Inclusion. Yury Kondrashin, Michael Khromov

Dynamics of the Russian Segment of E-Commerce and E-Payments. Aleksandra Polyakova

Best Time to Complete Tax Manoeuvre in Russia’s Oil Industry. Andrey Kaukin, Eugenia Miller

VAT Increase from 18% to 20%: Macroeconomic Effects. Andrey Polbin

Review of the Current Social Indicators. Elena Е. Grishina, Marina Eliseeva, Dmitry Loginov, Yulia Chumakova

Socio-Economic Dynamics and Demography of Regions. Natalia Zubarevich, Nikita Mkrtchyan, Еkaterina Tretyakova

Public Social Feelings Prior to and after the Presidential Elections. Elena Avraamova, Dmitry Loginov

Regional Budgets in Q1 2018. Alexander Deryugin