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Olga I. Izryadnova

Russian Economy in 2018: Structural Aspects of Growth

 Alexander Yu. Knobel, Alexander S. Firanchuk, Anastasia A. Lavrishcheva

Russian Foreign Trade in 2018: Growth in Non-Oil and Gas Exports

 Lyudmila G. Gadiy, Anna M. Kiyutsevskaya, Pavel V. Trunin, Maria Ye. Sherbustanova

Developing Markets: Macroeconomic Results of 2018

 Sergey V. Tsukhlo

Domestic Industrial Sector in Q1 2019: Output Growth is Hampered by Insufficient Domestic Demand

 Sergey P. Aukutsionek, Andrey S. Yegorov, Inessa A. Bachirova, Tatyana V. Serzhantova

Survey of Current Business (January-April 2019)

 Tatyana N. Mikhailova

Modernization of the Backbone Infrastructure: How to Evaluate Economic Effects

 Michael Yu. Khromov

Bank Loan Remains the Main Tool to Maintain Households’ Spending

 Michael Yu. Khromov, Elizaveta V. Khudko

Bank Lending Market: Growth Due to Target Business

 Nikita O. Bekeshev

Development of the Russian System of Higher Education

 Nikita V. Mkrtchyan, Yulia F. Florinskaya

Potential of Long-Term Migration to Russia is Nearly Exhausted

 Tatiana M. Maleva, Victor Yu. Lyashok, Marina A. Eliseeva, Dmitry M. Loginov

Living Standard of Households: Statistical and Sociological Estimation

 Ramilya R. Khasanova, Polina O. Kuznetsova, Yulia F. Florinskaya, Natalia V. Zubarevich

Regional Analysis of Demographic and Social Results of 2018

 Elena I. Dobrolyubova, Vladimir N. Yuzhakov

Wages and Salaries of Public Officials: How Much and How to Pay