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Tatyana V. Tischenko

Execution of the Federal Budget in January-March 2019: No Risks for Stability

 Evgeny L. Gorunov

Social Budget Expenditures Projection: the Role of Demographics

 Alexandra V. Bozhechkova, Pavel V. Trunin

The Bank of Russia Switches Over to Monetary Policy Easing

 Alexander Yu. Knobel, Yury K. Zaitsev

Foreign Direct Investment in 2018: Record-High Outflow

 Sergey V. Tsukhlo

Russian Industrial Sector in May 2019: Out of Stagnation

 Sergey P. Aukutsionek, Andrey S. Yegorov, Inessa A. Bachirova, Tatyana V. Serzhantova

Survey of Current Business (March-June 2019)

 Alexandra M. Zhemkova

Model of Domestic Demand on Coal in Russia

 Aleksandra G. Polyakova

Market of E-commerce and Payment Systems in 2018: Rapid Growth

 Tatyana L. Klyachko

National Project Education: Advantages and Risks

 Elena M. Avraamova, Elena Е. Grishina, Aleksandra G. Polyakova

Money Income of the Population and Subjective Well-Being

 Ramilya R. Khasanova, Yulia F. Florinskaya, Natalia V. Zubarevich, Aleksandra Ya. Burdyak

Demography and Regional Social Development in the First Quarter of 2019

 Alexander N. Deryugin

Regional Budgets for First Four Months of 2019: Trends Remain

 Natalia V. Zubarevich

Wealthy Regions Have Become Richer