The article submitted for publication must be thematically relevant and innovative in its content, reflect the statement of thesubject (or problem), contain a description of the main results of the research, conclusions, and also comply with the design rules defined by the Editorial Board.

The author is responsible for the scientific and theoretical level of the published material.

For any information concerning the publication of research papers, please call +7 (903) 263-98-31.

Submit your research papers in electronic format to the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Preparing a manuscript

When preparing a manuscript, we recommend that the following basic parameters should be followed:

format: Microsoft Word document;

font: Times New Roman;

font size: point 14;

line spacing: 1,5;

text alignment: justified;

all margins: 20 mm;

centered headlines: with left and right indents;

text and headlines color: black;

the first line of each paragraph should have an indent (click Format and then, in the Paragraph group, click First line - Indentation). Do not use the Space or Tab keys to indent paragraphs.


The title of a research paper should reveal its content, may not be generalizing, and should not exceed one line.

The volume of a research paper

The volume of a full-length research paper must be no less than 7,000 characters (including spaces) excluding illustrations (tables and graphs). The maximum permitted volume is 30,000 characters (including spaces).



Tables should be created by the standard tools offered by Microsoft Word (in the Table menu). Each element in a table should be placed inside a separate table cell (do not split the table lines by using paragraph marks). Horizontal alignment inside the table cells should be achieved by using appropriate buttons ('Center alignment' or 'Left alignment'); in order to achieve vertical alignment, do not use paragraph marks (better use the default table format). No color should be used in tables! Instead, use Bold or Italic for emphasis.

Graphical illustrations

All tables, graphs and diagrams included with the text should be properly numbered and invariably referred to throughout the text. When the volume of the text is maximum, the combined total number of illustrations should not exceed six.

All illustrations should be submitted in electronic format as separate files. In order to construct diagrams, use Microsoft Excel or Microsoft PowerPoint (each file should contain numerical data corresponding to the relevant illustration). Block diagrams may be constructed using Microsoft Word. Graphic materials may also be created in CorelDraw (do not convert any text to curves, the file should be in .cdr format, its version not higher than CorelDraw 12) or Adobe Illustrator (do not convert the text to curves; the file should be in .ai, .eps format, and its version not higher than CS2). No files in .jpeg, .gif, or .tif format, or any other raster images, will be accepted for publication!

Reference list

Any material submitted for publication should contain a list of references and / or sources of information. The list of references should be formatted in accordance with State Standard 7.0.5-2008: Bibliographic reference.

The information concerning the authors should be submitted, both in Russian and in English, as follows:

- the author's surname, first name, and patronymic (in full),

- the name of the establishment where the author works,

- the author's position, rank, and academic degree,

- personal email address.


The abstract of a research paper or opinion survey should be submitted in the Russian and English languages. In the English-language version, the title of the research paper should be translated into English. The abstract length should be 2,000 - 3,000 characters (Editorial Board including spaces).

The abstract should state the main point of the research paper, the conclusion thereto and the expert assessment of the course of events by the author, with his or her recommendations and suggestions.

The Russian and English versions of the abstract should be submitted as separate files simultaneously with the main text.

An excessive use of introductory phrases (e. g., 'The author of the research paper considers that...') should be avoided.

The key words (collocations) should be provided both in Russian and in English. Their required number is up to ten.

If the the manuscript preparation rules are not followed, the Editorial Board retains the right to suggest that proper corrections be made, or to reject the submitted material.