Editorial policy for submission, peer review and publication of papers submitted to the editorial office of the journal Economic Development of Russia

1.All research papers submitted to the editorial office are subject to mandatory peer review.

2.Editorial Board will check the manuscript on compliance with the journal’s mission, format requirements, then register and send for peer review to a subject matter expert (doctor or candidate of science) with subject matter publications over recent three years. 

3.Dates of refereeing are determined taking account prompt publication of the manuscript.

4.Review highlights the following issues: 

- relevance of the paper’s content to its topic;

- topic novel, original;

- validity and in-depth analysis of the problem;

- in line with state-of-the-art knowledge;

- information value;

- academic entirety, clear and well organized presentation;

- methodology relevance to research tasks;

- conclusions validity;

- practical implications.

5.Organization employing reviewer will attest the review according to its procedures.

6.Review is confidential. The author of refereed article will be able to read the review. Confidentiality can be breached solely when the reviewer states unreliability of falsity of the data embedded in the text. 

7.Where reviewers recommend to undertake a substantial revision of the manuscript, the latter is send to the author coupled with the text of the review with an invitation to address all comments and concerns when undertaking a revision or confute the arguments (in total or partly).

8.Revised manuscript will be sent for another review. In this case, the date of submission will be the date the editorial staff receives the revised manuscript.

9.When the article on reviewer’s recommendations has undergone major revision, it will be sent back to the original reviewer who provided critical comments.

10. Where the author disagrees with the reviewer, the former has the right to submit point-by-point response to the editorial staff of the journal. The article can be sent for another review or for consideration by the Editorial Board.

11. Editorial staff retains the right to reject the manuscript in the event of failure or unwillingness of the author to consider editors’ recommendations.

12. In the event manuscript is rejected, editorial staff sends substantiated response to the author. 

13. Where there are negative reviews from two different reviewers or one negative review on a revised manuscript, the letter is rejected without refereeing by other members of the Editorial Board.

14. Manuscript rejected outright is not accepted for another review. 

15. Editorial Board decides on publication which is registered in its meeting’s minutes. 

16. Once accepted for publication, the author will be informed of the decision and of the publication dates. Review will be e-mailed, faxed or posted to author. 

17. Refereeing maximum period, the term between manuscript submission to editorial office and editors’ decision, comes to two months.

18. Editorial Board of the journal provides reviews on request from the author and on request from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. 

19. Original reviews are kept by editorial staff of the journal during five years. 

Editor in Chief “Economic Development of Russia”                     / Vedev А.L. /